MyWidget video

video becomes the most effective channel for communicating with customers: the consumption of video content is growing, with the short format — stories — coming to the fore.
Quickly and effectively
We believe that video content will continue to win the attention of the audience, so we came up with a tool that will help our advertisers to use this channel most effectively in their advertising campaigns.
Our video constructor allows you without any extraneous services and quickly make a video that will tell your customers about your product or service.

Due to a large number of settings, fonts, colors and sizes in a few minutes, you can collect the original video, which can be inserted into any advertising campaign.

With this tool you do not have to understand much: an intuitive interface allows you to learn quickly with the controls.

When creating a video, you can use several formats: square, horizontal and vertical, as well as a video cap for the group on Facebook.

MyWidget Video produces videos in good quality. So the maximum resolution of horizontal video is 1920 × 1080, vertical — 480 × 854, square — 600 × 600, and the FB cover can be made in the resolution of 820 × 462.