myWidget editor

Create materials for any purpose: talk about your product, write articles, take notes — a link to a finished article can be placed on any site
Quickly and effectively
Often, any business or brand needs to describe it's particular product, service or event in an understandable, accessible form, and then place the text in different sources.
At the same time, there is no suitable tool at hand: the «blog» section on the site will not give the desired impact, and in case this is a native article, the publishers are tasked with finding the right site.
Our editor solves all these problems: a simple interface allows you to quickly understand all the tools, the editor's functionality also allows you to choose the elements for the design of the material, and when finished, the user receives a short link to the finished page with an article that can be placed on any site. The article will look like this.

Convenient navigation allows you to quickly navigate between your texts, making the necessary edits even after the publication of the material. The interface almost does not differ from the usual text editor, and all tools are available on the panel when selecting the desired passage in the publication.

In addition, myWidget editor allows you to harmoniously break text into blocks by inserting a separator, video, picture or integration from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. To do this, there is a «+» button at the beginning of the paragraph.

So, at a minimal cost, the user gets a landing page for his article: now the link to it can be placed, for example, in the recommendations blocks as a native material.